Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Best Quote of the Week

"Why do you want to go in there? They're anti-feminist and they've got a bad disc jockey"

The AG of Minnesota's daughters in a little trouble at Crobar Chicago.

Crobar is where you go clubbing in Chicago if you are too cool for Excaliber (or can't get in), but not cool enough to know about anything genuinely underground/genuine. Also if you are looking to score overpriced club drugs. It isn't a tourist trap per-se, but it's on the razor's edge of being such. It is in a 'gritty' Chicago neighborhood, and I'm sure that's a plus. In fact, I will proclaim that it is a local tourist trap. The kids from Schaumburg and Naperville, and the colleges go there.

At least, in my experience.


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