Monday, March 22, 2004

Important announcement

In a groundbreaking innovation, I present the following: Kitty blogging.

"Slow down, feller," you might say, "40% of all internet publishing is kitty blogging. You're a stupid idiot."

And right you'd be. But the innovation is... I don't have a cat. I'm making it up. Pure bullshit.

On with the show:

Mr. Pussy did the cutest thing today! First, I have to tell you about the new litterbox my sister bought me! It's so awesome! She got it for me because when she was over at the house last week to help me- oh my god, did I tell you about that? I sprained my ankle on some ice last week during that freak storm we had! The weatherman didn't even predict it, because I watched the weather on TWO CHANNELS that morning because we were going to bring the car in to have the hole in the roof repaired and I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to rain! Well, it didn't! It poured! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Anywhoo, she got me the litterbox because Mr. Pussy got wet in the storm and tore the old one to shreds! Shreds! The new one has a little kitty with a stormcloud over him and a frowny face and he's holding a cartoon sign that says "I have to poop!" LOLOLOLOLLL!

Prepare for other innovations in kitty blogging, to be unveiled soon.


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