Saturday, March 20, 2004


Stealing a concept from "Murmurings" (to the right there -->), and as an icebreaker for my three friends and the thousands of imaginary people who I'm sure are reading this now (and whom I picture naked to steel my nerve), the "highlights from this week's email" post. Also could be a partial nod to Letterman's "Unfair Edit".

there's some showbiz genius in there.

Do you know about this? Welcome to hell.

"Look, I've enraged you, it's art."

It will be greasy and ugly, and quite hot.

Nice stationary, Sen. McCarthy.

Like a nasty pimento.

Let's go to the Illinois Derby?

"Vegas just has everything that Bionic Marv is looking for."

I'm surprised the owls didn't work out.

The man has the flattest flat-top I've ever seen.

The really bad ones make death look like sunshine.

I am constantly haunted by ridiculous hair.

That was slightly more than one week's worth. Nonetheless.

Hmmm, I write with a different tone when I do this. More conversational, annoying.


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