Monday, April 05, 2004


Been listening to some Air America Radio. I know they are just starting out, but it doesn't smell good. I wonder what will happen when Franken and Garafolo get sick of their new toy and don't feel like working three hours a day, every day? Of course, it's hard to say what they're doing- they repeated Franken's 1200-1300 hour from 1300-1400, so three hours a day might be pushing it (*). Earlier, Franken was doing some kind of voice where he sounded like some kind of Truman Capote character. And he keeps doing that thing where he says something powerful and meaningful (in his own mind at least), and then caps it off with that weird laugh of his. If you're going to be funny, be funny. If you're going to be serious, be serious. You can even mix those in the same conversation. But the same sentence? No. Synthesized example:

"Unlike Bush, who's sending these kids out there to DIE- uhhahahahaha."

No good.

I have it on good authority that nobody ever (genuinely) laughs with an alternating sound. Once you choose the sound, you stick with it. "hahaha" or "hohoho" or "heeheehee", never "hohahoha". Thank you. (That's part of a Pink Floyd song, isn't it? "hahaha, hohoho, heeheehee")

(*) I'm not being sarcastic- doing three hours a day, every day, of material is very difficult, and good radio requires that. That's part of the reason Rush is so successful (like Stern)- it's rarely boring. Enraging, pandering? Of course. But rarely boring.


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