Monday, April 19, 2004


I've received my computer parts. Installed/swapped them, and everything works. Now I am firmly in the middle of preparing for the OS reinstall. As usual, there are complications. Moron that later...

EDIT: Everything is pretty much back together, and I'm loving it. I was worried, I installed the new processor without reinstalling the OS, and it wasn't faster. After the reinstall it's working flawlessly, however. Good times. Finally I can edit pictures without it freezing up on me.

The Pentium 4 processors are very small, they are about 3cm square, which it as small as a 386. They are fabricated on a 90 nm process, which is very small. 900 Angstroms, 90 billionths of a meter. The upshot of that is that very shortly (engineering-wise), molecules will be too big. If I remember right (it's easier to shoot from the hip then it is to research), the problems they have now with reducing the size of the processors is making lasers with a small enough wavelength to etch the silicon properly. Light is too big. We live in amazing times. I have a handheld computer that has more memory and is faster than the desktop PC I used 5 years ago.

Wait- my point on going off on that tangent was that because the thing is so small and has 125 million transistors packed into that tiny space, it generates a tremendous amount of heat. The heatsink that comes with it weighs about 3 pounds.


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