Thursday, April 15, 2004


I write from my new computer hole, The Office II. Previously, the computer had been in the dining room. I liked that a lot because it was sort of a perch, or command center, for the day to day BS that life entails. I'm near everything. Sadly, the computer desk turns into an everything desk, and a keyboard caked in Lousiana Hot Sauce just doesn't work as well. Tasty though. There was also the wire situation. Wires draped EVERYWHERE. This move will cut down a huge lot of that. The room I'm in used to be the roomate room, then it was the basement (junk collector), and now it's The Office / Server Room. I also have a window now, with a lovely view of Interstate 294.

EDIT: I may decide to start an annoying habit: referring to rooms not by their standard names (bedroom, family room, etc), but by what I am doing in them. The same room could be, by mere virtue of my intentions, the exercise studio, the lounge, the music room, the conservatory, the library, the sunroom, the grotto, etc.


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