Friday, April 16, 2004

Fast food goodness

An ode to Big Boy. Creepy, creepy Big Boy.

And from JAG, McDonald's is trying to balance things out a little. Why is it that when Mom cooks a meatloaf, in that orange ceramic loaf tray, bubbling with grease and topped with ketchup (or BBQ or whatever) served with baked potatoes and corn, it's good, healthy home cookin'- but when McDonald's serves a 4 ounce hamburger along with some fries, it's going to kill everyone?

It's because of jerks like like this guy:
"If McDonald's wanted to improve the public's health, in addition to providing the salads and bottled water, it could stop using partially hydrogenated oils in its fries, which contain trans fats and are a powerful promoter of heart disease," he said. "They also could lower the fat content of their burgers, use lowfat cheese, provide more baked food instead of fried food and lower the sodium content of their foods."

First, they've done plenty of that- lowfat shakes, baked apple pies, grilled chicken, whitemeat chicken nuggets (they are gross, by the way), and others. Second, nobody is telling you to eat yummy food all the time. That's why they are providing salads! That's why they have that chicken breast filet sandwich! They are trying (like Burger King and Wendy's too) to transcend the "it's shit, but it's fast" meme that's being furthered by this guy, and that asshole who did that 30 day documentary and tons of other people who think they're awfully hip and cool for hating McDonald's. They are the same people who scrunch their noses at the suggestion of Taco Bell. "Pfft! If you want Mexican food, I know this little place where you can get real Mexican food," they'd say. Thanks for the tip, pomposo. I don't want Mexican food, I want a fucking Grilled Stuft Burrito and a Dr. Pepper!


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