Monday, April 12, 2004

Help me

Why does my computer work just fine 99% of the time, yet I can make it freeze almost on command by loading something made from Flash, or by using Photoshop? CLJO's link to the fish joint did it again just now. I thought it was my 5 year old video card, but a far too expensive new one later, and it's exactly the same.

I'm half tempted to just buy a $400 Dell and waste my money on wine, women and song. But I suspect my Cool Dell Priviledges don't make a damn bit of difference when working on my own equipment, and I don't think I can deal with Tier 1:

  • Is the computer on?
  • Try disconnecting it from the power strip.
  • Have you cleaned your mouse?
  • OK, we'll send out a technician to erase all your data.

    Off to Dominick's to buy an ass-load of meat. I've got quit-smoking weight to take off before bikini season!


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