Saturday, April 10, 2004


This fucking computer is on its last legs. Inconsistancies and unexpectedness abound. I suspect I have bad memory, but I don't feel like replacing 512 MB of PC100 when I'm going to be replacing the whole thing shortly/eventually. So I live with it.

Spent the day doing nothing, all the while my plate fills geometrically fuller with shit to do. Tomorrow? Family visitin'.

They added on to Bourbon Street. It is one of those omnibus entertainment venues like you see in resort locales, with the beer garden, dance club, sports bar and restaurant all in one spot. Removing the sand volleyball courts, they've added a music venue. When it's not being used that way, it is just an empty room with tables. A lot of the clubwhores hang out in there to cool off. Good viewin'. Spent last night in there.


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