Wednesday, April 21, 2004

REPOST: Goddamn anarchists

In any other business, we frown on "security experts" who violate our security and then tell the world where the open door is. And distributes keys to the other doors. This whole "we're just in it for the security" thing just sounds like one of those deflection lies anyway...

Guard: Hey! Stop right there!
Hacker: Me stop? You should stop- you are a horrible guard, look how easily I got in here. You should be embarrassed. I'm calling the newspapers! Unless you pay me to fix the lock I just busted!
Guard: Your trunk is full of VCRs!
Hacker: [sputter]

I'm just sayin'. I don't think it's simple irony that these hacker types are also loner types and immature types.

While the results- increased computer security- are laudable enough, how much time and effort is wasted doing things this way?


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