Friday, April 16, 2004

Yeah baby!

Rob Feder tells me two things that are interesting to me. One, my new favorite TV station has increased its power to be the most powerful low power station in the land! The signal is now acceptable. Fuzzy, but the sound stays good- can't watch TV if the sound is crappy. I found it while in my cable exile. Turns out, there are tons of stations on the air that cable doesn't cover. It reminds me of WGN and WFLD when I was a kid- Carol Burnett, Perry Mason (Is it wrong?), The Untouchables, Lassie. If I can get the signal amplified enough, I may begin running tape on it. Those are some shows (along with Andy Griffith) that I intend to force people to watch.

And Johnny B. is once again on the loose.

Hamilton Burger


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