Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Car Update! Again!

The car is finally running at 100% (which in all reality is really 70% or so, can't ask for miracles here).

To recap:
  • Head gasket blew in February on a trip home from beautiful (and historic*!) Dixon, IL. Yes that's right, I blew a seal. Thank you. I'll be here all the week, try the veal.
  • Car sat until last Saturday, when I commenced to fixin'. It rained on me.
  • Finished throughout the week, only to find that the alternator had gone on to its reward too.
  • $150 lighter, today I replaced the alternator. I was shocked that it was that much, but all research put it right around that price. Which is odd, because everything else on that car is dirt cheap.

    And so the car is back in service. Whee!

    Yes, I have two cars. #2 is a car that used to be my sisters. She was going to junk it because it was in disrepair, so I bought it for $100. I added tires, brakes, tuneup, TLC, and now the head gasket and alternator. I drive it for work, where I drive 300-500 miles a week, to save wear and tear on the other car. It also gets better mileage. It's a Dodge, dammit.

    (*) - It was closed.


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