Friday, May 14, 2004


Hey look, the Catholics are making themselves even less relevant!

EDIT: Catholics Part II. Let the end-times roll! Do they have a [organizational] death wish?

I think the world would be better off if people worried just a little less about the gas prices. Seriously. You're going to think twice about buying a sectional pit group or a boxspring because it'll cost you an extra buck to get it home? I predict that if people would spend just half the time they spend complaining about gas prices on something like inflating their tires to the correct level or combining trips or choosing closer stores, gas prices would never be a problem.

Fractional ownership in a racehorse? Something interesting to think about. I'd throw in $500 for a 1/20 ownership in a $10,000 horse- I'd love to own 1/20 of Dancing Liebling! There's no way to lose!

Dahl is at Arlington Park today for opening day ("It's 55 degrees and rainy!"), and just asked a horse owner if he gets to see the jockeys naked. Hilarious.


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