Monday, May 31, 2004


Returned last night from a weekend with (some of) the boys. MT's parents own a cottage outside of La Porte, IN, and along with him was his father (ET), KP and MD. Nice place on the shores of a small ("muck bottomed!") man-made lake, which Indiana seems to be littered with. It was too cold for any sort of water recreation.

Friday consisted of racing around here at home to complete various tasks, purchasing some necessary golfing sundries (balls, tees, gloves and a bag), since the stuff I have is too old to be trusted (bag) or shit (everything else). Then packing up the car (Neighbor: "I assume since you dare to be outside that you want to hear my golf story. The Phillipines, 1962..." and so on), gather KP and take off. Due to my misinterpretion of some directions, we ended up taking a 20 mile detour. This was a stupid misinterpretation, since I'd been to La Porte before. Nonetheless. We arrived, and a quick evening was had by a viewing of "The Boondock Saints." I enjoyed the movie fine, except that it had no point. Billy Connolly in his finest role, however.

Saturday morning was begun with a fine breakfast cooked by ET and a short drive to the golf course. I played horribly, as did most everyone else. We used a slaughter rule of 8 per hole, and that was me for about half of them. I did come about 4 feet from a hole in one on one hole. I then three-putted.

After golf we had some brews at a local watering hole, where we were offered no less than 4 different chances to buy raffle tickets for raw steaks (or pork chops or a breakfast platter). Then to the firehouse for a pork chop dinner. Delicious. This was pork the way it was meant to be: charred on the outside; juicy tender and greasy on the inside. Beans, applesauce and potatoes were also served. $7 with a can of pop, and it would have been a bargain at twice the price.

After dinner we went back to the house for some serious visitin' with the neighbors and bonfire action. MT provided the finest hand-rolled-in-Oak-Brook cigars I've ever had. About a hundred cases of beer later and at 2:30 am we finally turned in.

Sunday morning was again begun with a hearty breakfast. After some rehydration, the fun began: gun class with MT. We were familiarized with the operation and safety of the weapons of the day:
  • .38 snubnose revolver
  • .357 Magnum revolver
  • .40 Daewoo semi-automatic
  • .22 Ruger semi-automatic
  • .22 Luger semi-automatic targeting pistol
  • .22 semi-automatic rifle
  • M1 Carbine .30 rifle (think WWII paratrooper with the wire stock)
  • M14 .30 rifle

    A stop was made at Wal-Mart for ammo. Then to the range. We were able to test our skills with each weapon, except the M14 which broke fairly quickly. There was a defective part, which could not be helped. Something in the shell ejector, I think. Good times were had by all, I had not shot anything since I was 12.

    Wrapping up the weekend was a dinner at a local tavern adjacent to some traintracks. We were so far in the country (if not in distance, in mindset) that we saw a freight train stop, a driver of some kind jump off, and run inside the tavern for a take-out meal. Twice. I couldn't believe it.

    After that we returned to the house, packed, cleaned and left. It was an excellent weekend, hopefully to be repeated in the not-too-distant future.


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