Monday, May 17, 2004


I'm sick of people using tired arguments. For example: four years ago was the time to worry about GWB's military service, alcoholism and bad career performance. Now he's been the president for 3.5 years and has an entire record of actual Presidential behavior to judge him on. There are probably a dozen mainstream books already published about those years. Yet we still hear the same tired old arguments. My advice to the Bush haters out there- nobody cares except you. You're working yourself up into a lather about something that isn't going to change any minds, and in fact has proven to be a failing political tactic since he managed to eek out a win last time despite the assault. "He didn't win!" No? Well who's sitting in the chair? Looks like he won to me, shut up. You could read a newspaper any day and come up with something more relevant to complain about. But I suspect that's not the point...


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