Sunday, May 09, 2004

Think Locally, Act Globally

Is that how it goes? It's always been inconveivable to me that it is somehow cheaper to ship steel (490 pounds per cubic foot) from China than it is to make it in, say, Gary, IN. (As I sit ~30 miles away) [Insert Opie Taylor singing "Gary, Indiana", from the Music Man, I think. Gold.]

Are the non-GM, buy local, etc., hippies actually tools of Big Unions? Yes, they both work to similar ends. What I mean is, could the Unions have created that meme (*) and fed it to unwitting advocacy-types who would run with it? After all, grass-roots is the way to market products and ideas these days. This could also work for Big Agriculture, too. With every assault for GM foods they take, the big problem (competition from poorer countries) is being strengthened by people who are being trained to buy US (local) food as a brand. If outsiders can't compete, the US farmers and unions are happy. I'm sure they don't much care whether that's by law or consumer preference.

(*) I hate that word, but can't find a better one.


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