Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Too good to leave in comments:

is what's troubling most people that it signifies that the culture they live in is different now from the one that they lived in before? or is it something more high-minded? -SR
I'd love to hear anyone's answer to this, because I think it's a key thing. I was listening to Rush today (when I drive outside the Chicago metro area and can't get real radio, I tune in to be reminded why I hate America) and, while he wasn't talking about this, he made a statement that I think is telling. He was talking about the War on Terror (*) and made reference to the similar fight here, that our American culture has been going steadily downhill for the last 50 years or so. And I wonder if it's not the Bob Greene syndrome- our own lives were [almost invariably] simpler when we were younger, and maybe we mistakenly assume that since the world we saw was simple that the whole world was simple and that we should really just go back to that.

(*) I noticed Rush was walking the bleeding edge of making it the "War on Brown People", or the war on non Judeo-Christians at least. He stayed just this side of it, but it was like he was rolling ideas toward some chasm/throng of insanity, while maintaining plausible non-hatemongering deniability.


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