Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What's new on CBS!

This was fun last time, I feel like doing it again.

"Listen Up" Jason Alexander plays an ear, nose and throat doctor in Milwaukee. What's the catch? He's deaf! It'll be funnier than 26 episodes of "Who's on First!"

"Clubhouse" A Jerry Bruckheimer drama about the elders of the fictional "Republicrat" party which struggles to maintain it's tight control upon every aspect of life in America.

"Center of the Universe" An adaptation of the Groundhog's Day concept, a resident of a group home for the mentally ill spends his mornings and evenings in therapy- and his afternoons on the streets performing miracles and preaching salvation. Is he The Christ? Even he doesn't know!

"CSI: NY" Brad Garett, reprising his role as Raymond's brother, heads up the CSI team in New York City. CBS is continuing to put the mood lighting, gunplay and sex back into applied science!

"dr. vegas" Ten years ago, a Topeka, KS, doctor moved to Vegas to be with the showgirl he loved. But he learned his old fashioned country doctor sensibilities wouldn't work in Vegas and transformed himself into a flashy Vegas doctor. After he recovers from a nearly fatal car accident, however, he rededicates himself to medicine- and can't help but get mixed up in crimesolving along the way! We're CBS!


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