Friday, May 21, 2004

What's new on FOX!

"North Shore" A group of Jewish Princesses from the North Shore of Chicago solve crimes with guaranteed hilarious results.

"The Casino" 30 minutes of unedited surveillance video of various riverboats and casinos. Narrated by Patrick Stewart.

"The Jury" 15 gruesome murders. Four detectives. Two prosecutors. 12 jurors. Let the comedy begin! The jury is perpetually deadlocked and we get a sneak peak into what goes on in the courtroom and behind closed doors.

"Quintuplets" 5 crimefighting blondes use sex, sharpshooting and martial arts to solve the unsolvable crimes in Miami.

"Method & Red" An old timer, by-the-book Irish cop butts heads with his new-recruit partner, Redmoose Strongman, a full blooded Cherokee unfamiliar with the streets of big-city Detroit.

"The Partner" A remake of "The Odd Couple," freshened for 2004. Two gay men, dumped by their lovers, move in together. They're not dating, but think Sam and Diane!

"House" John Larroquette and Christine Baransky are paired together again when they buy a condo in Manhattan. A talking condo that thinks it's a three-bedroom bi-level in Ohio! One thing is for sure, it can say 'funny'!

"The Next Great Champ" A reality show where George Foreman pits his children (all named George) in feats of strength and smarts to see who will be the next pitchman for the Foreman Grill product line. Episode one has George challenging George and George to come up with a better hot links recipe. George is upset that George got picked instead of George, while George scratches the non-stick surface in the waffle maker prototype to the dismay of George.

"American Dad" A comedy troupe from Topeka, KS, reenacts old Simpsons scripts live, but in sitcom format.

"Athens" This is a 12 part unscripted comedy on the buildup of Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympics.

"The Inside" A drama about 14 year old girl, struggling with growing up and the tough teenage years, framed by her cathartic discussions with her pancreas. Nick Bakay voices the pancreas.

"Jonny Zero" Remember "Freaks and Geeks"? Well this geek grew up and he's an undercover agent with the FBI. "You have to know the rules to be able to break them effectively" is his motto!


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