Thursday, June 03, 2004

Linux freak

Linux is a fine operating system, if you like to play the *NIX game. Infinitely configurable. Up until now, it has been a piece of shit to use as a GUI workstation. I've downloaded Redhat's Fedora Core 2 (*) and installed it on a spare machine here, and I have to say that it's getting pretty good. It has most everything a normal user would need, as far as I can tell, and runs just fine on an overclocked Celeron 266. The revolution is nigh...

* - Fedora Core is RedHat's solution to the free versus commercial problem. Fedora is the newest, hottest, potentially buggiest stuff available. They build an OS from it and send it out free to the loonies- I mean early adopter types. They (loonies) run it through the meat grinder and try to break it, and RedHat fixes it. When it's mature (and there's new stuff to throw to the loonies), they put it into their commercial, supported product.


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