Monday, June 14, 2004


The Supreme Court lets loose with another seemingly confounding decision. But it actually makes perfect sense- the dad who sued did not have sufficient parental rights, they're in court over that separately, to bring this suit to begin with. That's annoying to anyone who wanted the actual issue decided, but it also leaves open the door for some other properly qualified parent to bring the same suit and have the thing decided for good. Had the SC actually decided, it would be a very long time before the issue could be run up the legislative flagpole again.

On the other hand, I would have really been gratified had the courts had the stones to tell the whack-jobs that no, the schools should not be forcing children to acknowledge God. [insert standard objections here] I can bless you in the name of the Ganesh twins for it matters, just as El Presidente can bless the country whenever he wants- that's my choice and his choice and your choice to bless me if you want. But you can't force me (or create an environment where sanctions exist if I simply do not participate) to tacitly pray to your God. I don't remember Jesus forcing anyone to follow him or pray with him, or committing any non-consensual foot washings...


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