Monday, June 28, 2004

Things I've realized:

  • I spent the weekend rapid-cycling between pure laziness and great effectiveness.
  • That said, I've never been more effective. Quitting smoking (7+ months) removed a giant barrier to getting stuff done. Nothing facilitated laziness like sitting at the computer and smoking a pack or two.
  • What I mean is that I'm not anywhere near as good at running my life as I previously thought. Previously, I arrogantly believed I could remember everything that needed to be done. I tried to run my life as an event-based thing- when x happens, do y. Turns out I'm naturally lazy and that doesn't work well. I need checklists and reminders for myself.
  • So, I've got it figured out. I think. I've got it worked out where I can get all of my 'chores' done during the week. Before work, after work, etc. The reward there is that the weekend can be used for projects, hobbies, watching the stock cars, sleeping 24 hours straight, weeping, visitin', finishing things up, washing the car, socializing and so on. I'd felt myself falling into the "I'm too busy to ..." trap.
  • 'Cause that's what happens. You fall behind, or get lazy, or take on too much, or believe that you're efficient enough to get it all done at once, and suddenly you're the ball of stress screaming at imagined traffic affronts, threatening bank tellers and generally having no fun whatsoever. Worst of all, when fun opportunities present themselves, you've got to say no because you're "too busy". Or you agree to everything and disappoint people. I learned this at McDonald's (though I wasn't very good at it at the time): stay ahead of the curve. You certainly do just as much work, and maybe even more. But it's on *your* terms. The world's not constantly shitting on you; you're not constantly putting out fires.


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