Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bike Ride

Having owned a bicycle for a week and a half, I just returned from my third ride. I intend to improve upon that. It's going to get boring quickly though, because the area I'm in is pretty much land-locked for bike riding. The only place I can get any distance going heads me through the refineries towards unpleasant areas to be unarmed in. The nice thing about bike riding is that, besides the prostate massage, you've got built in wind. I was riding around not feeling like I was accomplishing much- not very sweaty or winded. Now that I sit down, I'm sweating like an Irishman. Nice.

I rode East down 128th Place, under the Tri-State, and over to Pulaski (*). Passed by the Swap-o-Rama Flea Market and vowed to go this weekend since I have never gone.

(*) Even though both of my parents called the street Crawford, it has always been Pulaski to me. Odd. I wonder who this Crawford feller was, anyway?


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