Saturday, July 03, 2004

Just the facts, Jack.

I watched this interview of disgraced Senate candidate Jack Ryan briefly last night. He wouldn't answer one question- it was nothing but soundbites or pure misdirection. I had to turn it off. He still wouldn't deny or own up to it. I get the "not dignifying that with a response" thing, but this isn't a reporter asking him when he stopped wearing women's clothing. (358K, worth it's weight in gold) This is something that's out there that Jack went on the television to discuss. It's an insult to my intelligence to think that non-answers and blatant misdirection are going to mollify my concerns. On the other hand, maybe this interview wasn't for the viewers- maybe it was for the vast majority of people who didn't watch and only briefly heard that he was going to address the issue. They can labor under the faulty assumption that he actually addressed the issue and, in their minds, believe he's got it all cleaned up and he's ready to be elected next time he runs for something.


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