Friday, July 23, 2004

Mockery, filth and pancakes

  • I'm watching "Check Please!" here on PBS.  Three people recommend restaurants, they all try them and then roundtable about them.  This one guy on here is ridiculous-think Owen Wilson in "Meet the Parents."  Just thought I'd share that.
  • Spent the evening changing a tie rod and doing half a timing belt / water pump job.  Tomorrow I will complete it.  My ass is beat, however.
  • Bought a water filter.  Disclosure: I'm a freak for water.  I don't like the way a standard charcoal filter tastes, it needs to be reverse osmosis for me.  I also have some water quality issues here- the Village gets Chicago water, but they have their own tanks and infrastructure.  The secret ingredient is botulism, I think.  Anyhow, Sears had an in-sink mount Kenmore on sale for $100, and I happily installed it up the other night.

    Reverse Osmosis is complicated.  The basics: the process is based upon a membrane.  Water can pass through the membrane, contaminants cannot.  However, the membrane is sensitive and would become easily clogged if you just dropped the membrane inline with your water.  So water is run across the membrane, under pressure, and exits two ways- the filtered, delicious water, and the waste water.  Rather than capture the contaminants, it allows them to remain in mixture/solution and go away.  This, however, makes the plumbing a bit more difficult.  Also add that this doesn't occur quickly- about a half gallon an hour.  So a small storage tank is necessary.  The membrane is also destroyed by Chlorine, so a prefilter is necessary. 

    Undaunted nonetheless, I commenced to installing.  Three trips to Menard's later, production began.  After the proscribed flushing, etc., I now have a steady supply of delicious, tasteless water.  The way it's supposed to be, I might add.
  • The chipotle (smoked, dried jalapeno) pepper is too popular for its own good.
  • I'm also on a quest for new deodorant.  I don't know what my problem is.
  • Avoid triclosan.


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