Sunday, July 11, 2004

Sheer joy

I was driving down Dempster Road in front of Lutheran General when an abortion protestor appeared in the middle of the street, right (illegally) in the median. The joy part was when I flipped him the bird and it really pissed him off. Juvenile? Of course. But I must confess that it was more for being in the middle of the street than for holding his stupid opinions. Once again, what about this guy's opinion trumps my ability to drive down Dempster?

Hey cracker: it's Saturday afternoon- shouldn't you be tending to all the unwanted children? How 'bout volunteering in a day-care center so the non-aborted childrens' mothers can work? Oh, is that too hard? And I bet it feels so much better to work yourself into a lather with a disgusting sign on the side of a road? Yeah, well, like my daddy used to say, "don't matter how good it feels, you're still just jerking off."

(I'm using 'cracker' in the judgemental, forcing morals upon others, "Laura Bush" sense.)

(Yeah, that's right, I'm blaming her. If she hadn't tried to fix W, we'd at least have Marvin or Jeb in the WH, and I think they'd be a little more fun.)

(Also, if your stupid opinion pounds down the rights of others, I reserve the right to pound you down with impunity.)

(Christ, now I'm starting to sound like D.)


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