Sunday, August 15, 2004


I went to "Swap-o-Rama", the local flea market, today for the first time. There are three types of vendors here:

  • Old man selling used ashtrays and pliers.
  • Urban person selling stolen merchandise.
  • Alcoholic/downtrodden redneck selling his tools.
  • Asian person selling cheap "imported" goods.

    Yeah that's four, which only serves to show how bizarre this bazzar is. One guy was actually selling used Sawzall blades. I also noticed that much of the stuff was priced very high, especially anything electronic. I'm not sure what the deal with that is.

    A couple useful things that I found you can purchase there: professional antenna cables like the cable-tv installers use that you cannot purchase anywhere else and some restaurant-quality food equipment. I found a brand new steak weight (bacon press) for $8.

    From the Asian "imported" goods, I purchased a 4" magnifying glass with a surprisingly good lens, a bamboo back scratcher and a small pair of cheapo binoculars. Each thing was $1. The binoculars have rubber grips and eyepieces on them, and the rubber actually smells like gasoline. Say, that's environmentally friendly!

    Most of the indoor sellers were permanant, with a variety of terrifying structures built up in their allotted spaces. I assume if you pay ahead, you keep your spot. Otherwise it's completely transient, the outdoor sellers pull their bitchin' van/truck/car to the spot and either sell right out of it or set up tables and such.

    I've never been to such a place, and I am fascinated by it.


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