Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Deux deux

  • I've got the fancy new phone, and it doesn't 'ring'. It only 'songs' at me. So I paid $10 to join a service that had a ringtone that actually sounds like a cell phone ringing. Huzzah! Now all I have to do is get the text message tone to be ear piercingly loud and I'll be able to ditch the crappy, piece of shit pager the company has provided me. They can use text/sms to send the stuff they need to send me, but the noise maker on the phone isn't loud enough to wake me when I'm on call. Actually, I think I will keep the pager. After busy or difficult weeks, it is nice to be able to turn the pager off and ignore it for a couple days. Huzzah again!
  • I was supposed to tape the Disco Demolition 25th anniversary thing last night. Due to some phone calls, I completely forgot about it, and I didn't remember until about 4am last night. I came completely unglued- I was disappointed in myself, angry at the world for inconveniencing me (I had rearranged my day to be home in time)- just melted down.
  • My suspected terrorist upstairs neighbor is moving out, I think. (I call him that only because I suspect his motivations in life, not because I actually have seen anything.) Finally, the only half-running piece of shit cars in the parking lot will be mine.
  • Had to call animal control (*) yesterday because a dog had gone insane in our yard there. It picked a spot on the fence and was pacing in front of it. 10 steps up, ten steps back, every time. It was like it had some kind of compulsion disorder. I know dogs' instincts are pretty similar to ours, and can't understand what was making this dog do what it was doing. I even tried to scare/chase it away- it sort of cowered, and then it returned to the exact same area of pacing. Very weird. The two cops rounded the dog up with the loop-stick and what appeared to be a Glock, and took it away in the back of a squad car. Alive- the gun was only a precaution. The two cops, who were undoubtedly younger than me, did a fine job. Kenny-boy (a former police chief of wide renoun) built a fine police force.
  • I'm watching the Olympics, and this girl Mahini Tarwaj (or something like that) did something I've never seen in a floor exercise routine: she actually timed it to the music and hit every 'post' like she meant it. I'm talking jumping up in the air, flipping around a bit and then landing on the mat to the next beat of the song. Very well done. I'm not used to seeing that (the every four years or so I watch gymnastics, of course), the music always seems to be an afterthought. Also, are we calling 73 pound 14 year olds "women" now?
  • Finally, I had another sort of meltdown today. I was working at a site today, and saw someone in a wheelchair. A female, cute someone in a wheelchair. I could not figure out whether it was appropriate to be attracted to her. Obviously, it is. Unless it was because of the wheelchair (it wasn't), but was it pity attraction? I don't know. It was very confusing. Luckily, I was 10 miles away by the time I finally settled on the answer that it's ok.
  • The McDonald's Chicken Selects chicken strips? The strips themselves are nothing special, Popeye's and KFC do strips far better, but the Buffalo Sauce it great. That reminds me- when's the last time they did Mighty Wings? Those things were great. And I say that as the guy who had to clean the fryer that cooked them back in the day. I just remembered my schedule back during college [September, October, November, 1993]- Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 5:00 am to 1:00 pm. Weds, 4:30 pm to Midnight. Looking at it now, it doesn't seems too bad. But that Wednesday night close killed me. For $5.75 an hour. Shit, I make almost twice that now.

    Willie Maize, Corn King of Decatur

    * - Animal control defined here as, the local cop currently in possesion of the stick with the loop at the end of it.


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