Thursday, August 26, 2004


Went to the Illinois location of Fry's Electronics yesterday. I proclaim it nerd paradise. Remember the smell you used to get going into the Silo for some stereo equipment, that electronic "cabinet" sort of smell? Got it. They have everything there: resisters, toys, computers, big-screen TVs, phones, cat5 cables. Think Radioshack, but literally (LITERALLY!) 50 times the size. You could fit four Best Buys inside this place. There is a cafeteria in the middle. Good location as the crow flies, it's a little hard to get to. ("Irv's")

Downside: I see no way they can survive. Too much real estate. Also, the employees were a little too well dressed. The grunts were wearing the standard ill-fitting khakis and polo shirts. But the management types looked exactly like pit bosses, complete with the hyperness and gum chewing.

I note from their site that each location sports a unique theme. I predict the Downer's Grove location will be deemed the "bank" location. That's the feeling I got when I walked in the door.


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