Friday, August 13, 2004


Watched [most of] the opening ceremonies. Beautifully done- I'll even go as far as saying that it was inspiring. Yes, it was inspiring.

Minor artistic quibble- why fake the pregnant girl, and then go E.T. with the lit belly? Having an actual pregnant woman would have been, to me, better, especially in keeping with the theme earlier begun with the nearly naked couple doing that kind of Eros frolic. There was a very natural, basic feel to most of it, and that seemed, I guess, contrived.

And it's always fun to hear what the little countries are calling themselves. It'll always be Burma to me.

Finally, the USA had the ugliest uniforms ever. AWFUL. The whole thing was full of nations in shirts and ties, nice sarongs and kilts and sportcoats and serapes-- and we go with "Tracksuit Formal"? Nations who haven't known a moment's peace are dressed to the nines, and we're in pajamas.

And, to all those who are mourning and/or recovering: God bless, etc.


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