Monday, August 02, 2004

Prevarication of the week

Dear Michael Moore,
Hey buddy, how's it going? Are the checks still rolling in? Can you finally afford a decent haircut?

Of course you can, you're the white Jesse Jackson.

See, you claim to be a documentary filmmaker. "I just reflect truth through the prism of my experiences," you might say piously. But you can't just make stuff up in a documentary. And these people say you did.

Yeah, I know it's downstate Illinois, the bread-basket of the vast right-wing conspiracy. But I'm putting my money on the newspaper.

Really, how could you do it? It was more important to get the truth- I guess it's a 'message' now- out there than it was to be completely accurate? They printed it, you just made it look pretty? Or, as I bet the explanation will be, some junior editor did it and you are shocked and horrified and for sure that guy won't work on the next $100,000,000 'documentary'.

For a hamburger today, you would gladly pay on Tuesday?


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