Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Senate Talk

Some nut tried to auction a sweat drenched napkin. An Alan Keyes sweat drenched napkin! Sadly, the auction has been removed. But two others remain in homage. Hnyah and hnyah.
As he was attacking Obama's views, Keyes scrambled to set up a campaign apparatus and move his official residence from Maryland to a Calumet City two-flat apartment in order to run for Senate.
Cal City, huh? Sweet. (Carl, gimme a one-liner in the comments that will explain Calumet City to the uninitiated.) Excuse me, Mr. Ambassador, don't let me get in the way of your trying to out-Black the competition.

Is it time to cue the "end-game" music in the soundtrack?


No. Whenever I think the world is going to end, I think of R. Bud Dwyer and realize that chaos REIGNS as always.


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