Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Food for thought.

Sorry, that headline was awful. At least regarding the subject. Is every obsession a disease? "Mind over matter" is laudable when it's used for something acceptable, but when it's not socially acceptable it becomes an illness?

Another thing to ponder is how the almost negligible barrier to entry in publishing has a dark side- the fractionalizing of society. For example, a relative of mine (in Pudunk, IL, mind you) subscribes to the Washington Times, watches Fox News and reads only the conservative books. A once open minded person now can feel completely informed and well read, without all the messy inconvenience of information/spin contrary to the outlook they espouse. I always thought the mass media did the world good by knocking down all the sharp edges of society, by exposing forces that work in the darkness of ignorance. That happens at the expense of some diversity, admittedly. But I think we undoubtedly live fuller lives in exchange.


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