Saturday, September 18, 2004

Journal of Ridiculous Hair

They reappear! I wandered into a bar one night last winter with some of the people, and this band was playing. They were strangely dedicated to authenticity. During an intermission, I had to make a bathroom run and the hair guy was in my way. The hair is even more ridiculous when it is six inches from your face. The hair guy also had what looked like red snakeskin cowboy boots.

The band, dressed similarly, consisted of the snare drum player and the stand-up bass player. He was a big guy, and one of his tricks was laying the bass on its side and riding on it superman style while continuing to play it. The whole band also sang through these microphones. The whole thing sounded awesome- especially the bass, which has such a rich tone that really hits you.

The freakiest thing about the experience was that they had groupies. Women done up, with even greater authenticity, to be a late '50's teenager. Bobby sox, poodle skirt, cardigan sweater, hair style, makeup style, etc. These people were so committed to the gimmick that I was a little freaked out.


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