Thursday, September 09, 2004

Nirvana found!

As some of you know, I am a man of multiple obsessions. From my father, I picked up the need to have professional office equipment and supplies at all times. Often to such an extent that Office Max/Depot doesn't quite hit the sweet spot, ever since they started selling Sanford pencils in the blister packs instead of the dozen box. From my grandfather, and also my years at McDonald's, I have a restaurant/kitchen products thing going. Grandpa always had a properly stocked home. The bar was stocked complete with the 4" square coctail napkins, martini stirrers, the brandy glass full of matchbooks, and those pour spouts for the booze bottles. Meals were always served with paper restaurant napkins (not like Burger King, but like a proper catered affair), and the meal was cleaned up with full-sized bus trays, complete with the grey four compartment flatware tray. And so on and so on. It was always fun.

Now I really never thought about where he got his fix from- I know he worked for a restaurant for a while in his not-quite-retired phase, and I suppose I just assumed he embezzeled the stuff. Or that he "knew a guy"- like most of the WWII generation, he knew everyone. Turns out there is a store that sells new and used restaurant equipment and supplies. I went in there today. Fantastic! You need a case of 5000 sugar packets? $9.32. Sleeve of cold cups? $2.50 Used Wolf six burner stove with 250 sq. in. griddle? $1499! In addition, the proprietor was a little shrimpy guy with the biggest (by height AND weight) mullet I've ever seen.


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