Saturday, October 16, 2004

At random

Not really, I'm watching Ebert and Roeper.

  • A commercial: "Have you been harmed by Vioxx? Call my law firm now!"

  • Ebert is looking better than he had been. I hope he's doing better too.

  • I never, ever want to hear Trey Parker and Matt Stone speaking in their real voices again. Shut up and be funny.

  • Roeper has a funny lower lip & jaw thing going on.

  • I realize again that I don't particularly like movies. Ebert was touting some indie thing about guys who unwittingly invent a time machine. Roeper points out that it has no real plot and that all the actors mumble as if the director had demanded it. Ebert forgave this because it gives insight into the world of guys who work all day and invent all night. What? Hewlett, Packard, Jobs and Wozniak. Done. Shut up. I first understood my feelings about movies when I wasted $1 at Harlem Corners (the dollar theater) watching "On Deadly Ground." It was the worst piece of crap I've ever seen. Or, and I've just realized this one, "Very Bad Things." I loved that movie, yet it too was a piece of shit. Why is the fiancee getting punished when JD is the one who started the whole thing? All we needed was one flashback in the beginning somewhere where we learn why she deserves her horrible end. That's like jerking off and faking it: 90 minutes that feels pretty good, but there's no payoff.

  • From the movie "Ray", Kerry Washington is a pretty lady.


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