Sunday, October 17, 2004

Delicious! or The horrible, horrible pain!

God, the pain. I taught myself how to make hot sauce tonight. It is quite easy, but somewhat labor intensive. Roasting and peeling peppers, tomatoes and garlic. Chopping and scraping out the seed junk inside and finally a ride in the food processor. THEN, the simmer to reduce it into sauce. Delicious!

However, I recommend gloves when working with peppers. Terrible, searing pain in the ol' fingers. It doesn't hit right away, either. Unpleasant.

Star Trek: Enterprise. They had a season opener where they returned to Earth, having saved it from a giant ball of destruction (last year's season-long terrorism allegory), only to find them in 1943, with alien nazis having invaded the USA. Cool enough, but then they had the beat to shit Enterprise flying through New York City to destroy the aliens' outpost, defeating the aliens and their temporal cold war (returning everything back right). I enjoyed the imagery.


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