Monday, October 18, 2004


My brother gifted my on Friday with William Shatner's "Has Been." It's been the talk of everyone for over a week now, and I can finally say: I loved it. Almost every cut was worthy of listening to again, and that's quite an achievement. It was a little self-indulgent and melancholic, but it's Shatner and that's sort of what you're looking for. But I predict it wins a grammy for spoken word, if it is entered in that category. The first cut, "Common People," could not possibly have been done better (actually, the edit I got from SR a while back was better than the edit on the CD, but the album release goes a little deeper into the song). He hit every cue, and that transition from his spoken word to the singing was gold. And it had liner notes.

And I can't believe he's 73. Denny Crain.


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