Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This seems like some kind of wall in the strange war on alcohol consumption of any kind. Seemingly, anyone under 21 cannot attend parties where alcohol is being served in Naperville, IL. This is a poorly thought out article as it doesn't define a lot of things. But according to what I see, this seems to outlaw either booze or children. On the other hand, I've been at underage drinking parties in Naperville where the parents were full participants, including happily allowing drunk teenagers to crash on their living room floor (*) and getting pissy when the police appeared to enforce a night parking ordinance.

(*) With the explanation that it encouraged responsible drinking. A house full of dizzy, tilting, puking teenagers is not a snapshot of responsible drinking. It has taken me a long time to rid myself of lessons like that- the only responsible drinking is remaining in control of your own actions and self. Like, maybe, if you brought your car you have to stay under the legal limit. Or not drinking so much you get a hang over. I realize it's a peculiar thing to believe that having fun shouldn't cost you later, because so many people define how much fun they've had precicely by how much they pay, whether in dollars, pain or exhaustion.


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