Thursday, October 07, 2004

Two mistakes in one offhand remark

Uncle Dick inconsequentially screwed the pooch during the debate. IE, I don't think it makes any difference at all, but I bet he's pissed. He intended to send people to, a theoretically bias-less site that run by some PBS types that checks up on claims. A cursory check done a month ago by me on another issue made it fairly balanced. IE, equally BAD for each party. I suppose the 'game' in mentioning it was to keep the base happy- I'm sure the rigid minds of the partisan voters will only see what they want to see that confirms their band of soccer hooligans is going to Washington. Of course, the other, bigger mistake is that he said the wrong address (.com rather than .org). So much for precision warfare. Anyhow, the owner of redirected all hits to, the website of a self-proclaimed enemy of the Bush administration. I'm wondering if the guy was pissed that Bush/Cheney is causing him all this unsolicited (and expensive) traffic, OR if he is a partisan who took this opportunity to boost his side. Last I heard, he's not sayin'.

I'm no big fan of either candidate, but the increasing frequency of implications that a vote for anyone but Bush is a vote in favor of terrorism disgusts me. What (almost) equally disgusts me is that Kerry falls for it by saying he's gonna kill all them terrorists. Shouldn't he take the high road and call Bush/Cheney out for politicising terrorism? After all, terrorism != Iraq war.


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