Sunday, November 07, 2004

Et Cetera

I went into my spam folder on my webmail, which grabs stuff I never get in the email program. There are a couple of absolutely inspired "from" names in there.

  • Aerosols F. Narked
  • Buddy Calder
  • Wright Isidro
  • Hondurans F. Persian

    and my favorite...
  • Condiments R. Referenda.

    That's way better than the junk that makes it past the filter, which is usually just gibberish.

    I have received my laptop, and I love it. I am finally able to do what has been my definition of 21st century bachelorhood (previously defined by George Costanza as "eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery"), and that is surfing the web in the bathroom. Wireless is wonderful, when it works. I suspect I have a neighbor with a cordless phone that's putting out about 500 watts, because out of nowhere my connection just drops dead until I change the channel. Which, as I understand the technology, shouldn't happen. Of course, that means I will have to hack my access point to be a 50,000 watt blowtorch of secure wireless networking. Let the wireless wars begin...

    My favorite thing about the laptop is that is came with a USB mouse. That means you don't have to turn the thing off to plug and unplug the mouse. Which, in my admittedly limited laptop experience, is the source of much frustration. For mobile use, it does have the little sandpaper nipple and a touchpad, which I really like. But neither is a replacement for a nice mouse for efficiency, speed or comfort.

    Fast fun fact? The Linksys access points and routers are actually Linux based. That means that the software falls under the GPL licensing scheme, meaning that the source code must be available. What that further means is that people have created 3rd party operating systems for this little piece of $60 infrastructure.

    I tried to do my usual Bears watching scheme, which is to watch the TV and listen to the radio guys. But I just couldn't do it- Hub Arkish (or whatever his name is), is just so goddamn snotty and arrogant that it is becoming unlistenable. Which is a huge shame, because Tom Thayer and Jeff Joniak are top notch broadcasters.


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