Monday, November 08, 2004

The Future!

1) I've been reading some of my "crazy internet websites" again. Usually, that phrase refers to the two car enthusiast message boards that I read. ("My K-Car is named Kimmy!" or "OMFG, I completely beat a Mustang with my Ford Contour last night and totally got away from the cops to!") This time, though, it's the computer hardware crazies. But it always leads to good things, and in this case it is learning that next year some time they are going to start selling dual-core CPUs for computers. So, one chip with two processors on it, running parallel style. Good stuff.

2) It used to be a point of pride with me that I had never written anything longer than 10 pages double spaced. And that's a generous estimate. I was usually the guy who still managed a 'B' on a paper even though it was only 75% of the required length. A talent/penchant for padding I ain't got. This all means, of course, that with 26 pages and 6,600 words, I'm completely out of gas. Say, I'm 1/8th done! And I have used 1/4 of the time! This dog, apparantly, won't hunt. But I'll press on, writing gibberish if I have to.

Funny story: I've taken a person, unknown to readers of this website, and turned her into a composite character. A Horrible composite character, and because of that I don't think I like this person anymore. HA!


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