Wednesday, November 10, 2004

NBC aggravations

I love West Wing. Especially when whatsisface was doing it. He did an episode a couple years ago when about a hundred plot strings all fell into place around Thanksgiving/Christmas. OK, that's every season. But this one had a song playing in the background, [time passes] Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", which is a very powerful recording. Especially if is the soundtrack to something you care about. Now, a couple years later, they use the same song on "LAX," Heather Locklear's most recent vehicle. And in the same context, Thanksgiving. This is the third episode of the show. Ficking NBC.

In other music news, I stumbled upon Leonard Nimpy hosting a radio program of contemporary Jewish religious orchestral music. There is a foundation dedicated to preserving recordings of music, music which might not remain preserved. And they put up a good argument for it, that we'll never really know how Mozart or Beethoven really wanted the music to sound like because all we have are pieces of paper. But now we have the ability to preserve this music, and we ought to for future generations. In a time of (from my perspective?) accelerating seriousness and attention to the problems of now, it was refreshing to hear people having concern for the future. Seems like there's less of that going on. (There is a similar foundation doing the same thing for old blues musicians: they find them, interview them, record them AND fix their teeth/roof/car or whatever needs fixing. Sort of a sabbath charity: go ahead and cure cancer and heart disease and hunger 6 days a week, but help some people hear nice music on the seventh.

EDIT: I made two typeos that were two funny to correct. And it was the ninth episode of "LAX".


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