Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A voyage of discovery!

At 11 am today, I called a customer to make sure they were going to be there. I was trying to get my day over with because there was supposed to be some weather coming, potentially with snow. The customer blew me off, said to be there at 1. It started snowing at 12. So, the streets were just getting clogged when I arrived in Schaumburg, IL. 45 miles North of my house, 20 miles North of the office. I did my thing and left around 3 or so. I walked down to the parking lot and fired up the Dodge and did a bit of paperwork for just a minute while it warmed up.

"Say," I mused to myself, "one of these cars next to me is spewing raw gasoline," and I drove on. The roads were getting really bad, and I stopped into a gas station to get gas.

"Cripes," I exclaimed, "I think it's my car who is oozing fuel." A quick trip to the engine compartment confirmed that one of my highly pressurized fuel lines was weeping fuel onto the engine.

I immediately sprung into action by going to Wendy's and dropping a deuce (taking a dukey), and then having a delightful spicy chicken sandwich and cup of coffee. Thus contimplated, I got on the horn and located an Autozone. One mile down the road. Fantastic!

What I forgot was that Autozone sucks for the stuff I'm looking for. I was already committed.

I walked in, horizontal wet snow at my face, hoping to find exactly what I needed easily.

It would not be so easy, so I bought a hat and gloves and returned to the car to remove the offending hose in order to try to fabricate a new one. I opened the hood and, horizontal snow at my face, removed the fuel line. Soaking my hand in pressurized gasoline. Holy hell, gasoline is really cold at 33 degrees and evaporating from my hand in the wind. Undaunted, I returned into the store to try to fabricate a replacement.

I found a sufficient combination of bailing wire, duct tape and prayer, and fabricated my replacement. First shot, and blammo! it works.

Feeling good, I hit the streets for the trek home. While I had been dealing with this problem, three inches of snow had fallen. Awful! It took me an hour to make the three miles to the expressway. Once on the expressway, we got moving to about 15 mph and it was only another hour and a half to get home.

Good times.


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