Friday, December 03, 2004

Like riding on a cushion of air

A couple weeks ago, I rotated the tires on the Dodge, for the first time in these tires' life. The rears, by virtue of it being a FWD car, had worn in a very bad way. Lumpy, scalloped and noisy. And the annoying thing was that they probably had 85% of their tread left. But I could deal with the noise, it being the work/beater car and all. Until yesterday, when one of the tires went flat. "Fuck it!," I thought, and headed to the Discount Tire website and shopped me up some tires. I chose the Kumho 758s. They were $4 more than the cheapest, and had slightly better ratings that made it worth it. The friendly folks at Discount Tire even gave me a $32 trade in on the two non-ruined tires. Score. One hour later I had my new tires, and drove off thinking Dodge had accidentally made a hovercraft.

I was wondering what that funny sounding jingle was in my pocket, I didn't think I was carrying anything but money. Turns out to be a 1964 quarter, the last year it was made of silver. According to these people, this quarter is worth $1.44 by weight.

Forgotten lessons of childhood: had to clean the windows in the car, and didn't have any paper towels. Blammo! I remembered that in my childhood we washed the windows with a ball of newspaper, and sure as shit, it did the job. And beautifully, too. Well done, childhood.


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