Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Road Rage!

So I'm minding my own business, trying to go from 88 East to 290 West. It's a tricky merge, in this case the backup for the ramp began before the other ramp ended, so a merge is necessary. A polite one-for-one pattern develops, and the gasoline (*) truck next to me chose to be a dick and not let me in. So, futilely and stupidly, I chose to call the guy's bluff and ride the outside shoulder around the ramp to get an 'in'. And it was close, I think he bumped me once. I almost got him too, when a jerseywall blocked my way and the truck won. For about 45 seconds, I seriously contemplated forcing the guy to jackknife off a bridge. Just short of figuring out where the next overpass was. Then I figured I would reverse tailgate him and then stop the car (so he can't just change lanes) and scream at him until I felt better. I quickly recovered, and went on my way.

Then, later on my way home, some daffy broad came charging out of a parking lot, never even hitting the brakes. If I were 3 seconds earlier, she'd be dead right now. Then, not 1 minute later, another asshole makes a right turn right into my lane. I changed lanes and honked, and now the guy wants to race me. Apparantly, *I'm* the asshole.

Fucking Christmas.

* It may not have been a gasoline truck. A tanker of some kind.


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