Wednesday, January 05, 2005


They found one of the people pointing lasers at airplanes. This guy. Now I'm not going to presume to prejudge a guy based solely on the look on his face, but all *I* know is that if I were innocently screwing around and landed in this sort of trouble, I would be terrified; not angrily defiant as he appears to be. Also, he's full of shit: you don't need a laser to test fiber optics. The POINT of fiber is that (nearly) all the light that goes into it comes out the other end- you don't need highly focused light like that of a laser because the fiber strand and sheathing of the cable takes care of that.

All that you need to test fiber is a flashlight with a shroud that you stick the fiber into. On the other end, you point the end of the fiber at the wall. If you see a dot, it works. It is unnecessary for the dot to be blinding and capable of travelling thousands of feet into the sky.

So, why is this guy lying? I'm guessing he really was screwing around and got caught up in his own lie. But a close runner up is that he's some kind of nut and was trying to down a plane for his own enjoyment. Powerless in every other aspect of his life, he wanted to exert some kind of influence over something...?


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