Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I loved this paragraph in The Chicago Newspaper Sun Times:
The place was mobbed with shoppers reverently examining the various white squares and cubes and friendly products of the Apple world. I should have known that by the time I become interested in a certain piece of electronics, it is a genuine mania. No Shuffles were in sight, and when I asked about one, I was led, not to a display, but to an employee, wearing the requisite strange clunky eyewear, who had a Shuffle on a string around his neck.
It perfectly (*) distills why I generall dislike Apple and their ilk. I can deal with nerd/geeks (as I generally am one). And I can deal with people who "think different." But combine both of those with a little religious-style fervor, and you've got the recipe for annoyance.

* Not exactly perfectly, because it fails to convey their odd behavior regarding repairs and warranty. You'd think a company that has a whopping single digit percentage of the PC market would try harder to satisfy their customers. Especially a company that attempts to cater to the electronic artists of the world. Yet stories abound of people missing their computers for weeks because Apple can't manage to fix them speedily. And then there's the allegations (also in the linked story) that they behave weirdly toward their franchisees.

They hake fine products, but seemingly at every turn they manage to make self destructive decisions.


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