Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I feel qualified and obliged to respond to this. Dell is being class-action sued in California for the standard deceptive practices, bait and switch type behavior.

Maybe they do it? Who knows. All I know is that every dealing I have ever had with Dell has been nothing but straightforward and above board, and I cannot say that about any other existing computer manufacturer. I have bought two computers from them, and as a authorized warranty repair person for them, deal with them quite often. Sales end when they are advertized to, prices are what Dell says they are, parts show up when they say they will. Of course there is the fine print, and if you don't read it you'll be shocked at the credit card bill, but it was there before you said OK. Like every piece of electronics sold "on sale" since 1997, there are rebates. Get used to it.

Having known first-hand the wrath of the Average American Consumer when the Big Mac stops being on sale, I can safely opine that these people are idiots.


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