Friday, February 18, 2005

Getting some stuff done

I had three calls to make.

1- To ask a technical question of Dell for work.
2- To return a call from Sprint, because I filed a BBB claim against them.
3- To cancel delivery of The Pennysaver here at the condo (the free classified weekly).

Dell wasn't home. Seriously. The message was "The Department you are trying to reach is currently at a staff development meeting. Please try your call again later." Good thing it wasn't any kind of emergency.

The Sprint person took today off. Good news, I have an actual contact person. Bad news, she's talking a mental health day.

And the Pennysaver was disturbingly easy to cancel. I anticipate getting even more of them now.

Suddenly, I'm getting finger fatigue from typing. Nothing from trying to write the book, of course.


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